From the Equator to the Land of Fire

A trip to the Southern tip…

From the equator crossing South America to the continent’s southern tip, the land in between is a complicated riddle.  History, culture, poverty and vast extensions of land are just a few of the components that play a part in this story. Two passionate photojournalists are preparing to embark on this journey.  Ivan Kashinsky, born in the United States, and Karla Gachet, an Ecuadorian, will use their unique photographic visions to document the South America of today. 

 South America is a land of contradictions. A land that resents being conquered by the north, yet tries to copy its culture in its own South American way. A land where the power returned to the indigenous people in spite of racism and women are elected president in the face of a blunt machismo.  It is a land that is constantly reinventing itself.

 Far from trying to decipher the spider web of elements of this southern cosmos, there is the need to document. This project is a journey into the identity of South America in the 21st century.  It was once dominated by the indigenous, then conquered by Europe, and is now an ever-changing reality.  It’s past and present are blessed with ritual and color but also scarred by murder and slavery.   Today a third factor enters the equation: Globalization.   It is possible to see pre-Colombian customs, Chinese food and Schwarzenegger, all in the same frame. 

Andre Gide once said, “All things have already been said, but since no one is listening it is necessary to start all over again.”  These photographers  believe almost all things have been photographed, yet they feel the need to do it all over again with a fresh perspective, with another purpose, and with the need to document life as it is now.


3 responses to “From the Equator to the Land of Fire

  1. Hey you two–
    have a great trip. I look forward to experiencing your adventure through these posts:)

  2. Tim

    I´m so glad this is finally happening for you guys! Have fun, be safe, and we´ll stop in every once in a while to make sure the kitties are doing okay. Suerte amigos!

  3. Beautiful and captivating photos and comments! I hope to follow your footsteps someday.

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